Email Marketing

Email Marketing involves the use of emails to communicate with different clients over time. The emails can be sent out in batches to different client segments and to communicate different messages. It is one of the most credible marketing tactics for most business and it has diverse benefits of using email marketing in any organisation.

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Cost effectiveness

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing methods for business. This makes it affordable to businesses in different industries and of different sizes. Most email tools require an annual subscription fee when the number of contacts exceed a certain limit. Otherwise, some of these tools can be used for free for a long period of time. Moreover, it eliminates such costs as print costs, distribution costs and advertising costs which increases the return on investment. Email marketing precedes social marketing, search and display in terms of return on investment.

Ease of use

Email tools are easy to use. Some tools provide templates that can be used as is or customised to your specific needs. These templates make it easier for your staff members to develop and send campaigns. Since you can also develop and save your won templates, you can improve on them as time goes by. Since you can schedule emails to go out at specific dates and time, you can always plan and work ahead. This is important for periods when you or your staff members will be away from the office. In addition, scheduling ensures that emails are delivered to clients at the most convenient time and day.

Customisable message

An organisation with a diverse clientele base needs to customise emails to each category for effectiveness. This is possible with email marketing since you can create different contact lists for each category. A single email can be tweaked and sent to the different audiences within the same day.


You can send test emails to a different people to gauge their reaction before you send out the communication to everyone else. For example, you could send an email with the same message but with different templates and use of language to different people, determine their reaction and decide the most effective email to send. This testing is not usually available with other forms of marketing.


It is easy to measure the effects of thecampaign sent out by your organisation. Some email tools and platforms provide a detailed analysis of such things as the number of people who opened the email, those who shared it, those who clicked on any of the links or contacts as well as those who opted out of the subscription or campaign. Comparing these statistics over time ensures that you better understand your clients, their purchasing behaviours and their inclination with respect to your products and services. This is important in ensuring that you are constantly improving your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing can be used for different kinds of communications and can reach a high number of people compared to other forms of advertising. Besides, it can be used to increase brand awareness and build on to the credibility of the organisation.